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Why Choose ThunderStruck?

Why Choose Thunderstruck Motors?

We know that you have the choice to shop around and find a supplier that best suits your needs. So, here we'd like to share with you what sets us apart from the rest!

1. We Use What We Sell

At ThunderStruck we have over 20 years of experience using, installing, tinkering, and racing with all of the components that we sell. That is actually how we curate our catalog - we experiment, find out what works best and then make it available to you. For instance, we strongly recommend AC drive systems and Motenergy motors because that's what we have in our own electric car, truck, boat and motorcycle conversions.

There are many retailers out there with limited hands-on experience that will recommend components that aren't quite plug-and-play.  Unfortunately we've even encountered some customers that found themselves stuck with an entire kit that wasn't the right fit for their vehicle.  Because the technical matters behind conversions require precision, we recommend you ask all your suppliers if they've personally used the components in a similar application.  Additionally, make sure they offer technical support during regular business hours in case you need assistance with the installation. 

You don't need the hassle of  spending your precious time installing the wrong parts, or worse, frying a valuable component rendering it useless! As much as we love them, conversions can be quite complex - the concept of buying a conversion kit simplifies a process that, in reality, requires deep knowledge of electrical theory, safe installation, and programming.  With the right tools, components, instructions, and  technical support your project can be a success.  That's why it's our mission to find out what works and make all the parts and information available to you.

Bottom Line: We'll be your crash test dummy.

2. We have been in business for over 20 years and part of the E.V. community for more than 30!

Meaning we've pretty much seen and tested it all. We have owned and worked on everything from pedal-assist bicycles to record setting motorcycels, racing karts, cars, trucks, boats, high performance and specialty vehicles. Check out the "About Us" drop down menu if you'd like to see photos of vehicles we've worked on over the years or our record setting stats in the EV racing scene. We also have a Testimonials page from happy customers.  

If you are new to the EV community - please feel free to use us as a resource! Call us at (707) 578-7973 to pick our brains or simply submit yourquestions to our FAQ page if you're shy. Our YouTube channel has instructional videos that demonstrate wiring, modifications and installation for your reference as well as racing footage and bonus videos of us goofing around.

Bottom Line: Our wisdom can be your guide.

3. We are recommended by all the best manufacturers

We have long-standing relationships with the most popular and trusted manufacturers including HPEVS, Curtis, Sevcon and Motenergy.  There's a reason we are listed as the #1 retailer on HPEVs website. It's not due to sales volume, it's because they know our customers will be given accurate details, directed toward the appropriate setup and offered the best technical support.

We get our information straight from the manufacturers, providing as much information as possible in one place so that you are equipped to build your EV safely and easily. Check out our Product Manuals and Data Sheets page to see manuals, wiring diagrams and technical drawings for the products we have available. Even if you didn't buy it from us, we consider it our duty to keep this information posted and maintained for everyone to see.

Bottom Line: Reputation. Period.

4. The value you get from Thunderstruck is unbeatable

If you happen to find a dealer with cheaper prices, ask what is included (does your controller come pre-programmed? throttle, contactor, wiring harness, display)? Make sure they have dedicated customer support in case you have any technical questions in the future. If their prices are still cheaper, let us know!

As EV enthusiasts, we know a thing or two about efficiency which is why we try to include all the necessary instructions and components you need to get your system rolling (or floating).  We strive to offer you the most complete, competitively priced kits out there.  Before they're in your hands, they've been wired, configured and bench tested. On top of that, we play nice with all the major shipping carriers providing flexible options to get your products to you with the expediency or within the budget you desire.

Our goal is to save you money and time so you can enjoy your new EV, ASAP! 

5. We're here to help and want you to be successful with your projects

You'd like to order a motor and controller? We've got just what you need! But don't be suprised if we ask what you're using it in, and how fast would you like to go.  Why ask? Well, we want to save you time and your project to be a success! As one of the most experienced EV companies in the industry - we've likely worked on a setup just like yours and want to make sure you get just the right components you need.  Additionally we like to stay on the cutting edge. We may have just finished testing the latest contoller, programmer, motor or technique that could help get your vehicle moving faster, keep it's charge even longer, or make it that much easier to program your other EV controllers.  We're here to share our knowledge and provide you the service you deserve.

You'd be surprised how many calls we get from customers needing technical support because they can't get a hold of the company they purchased from. We know your pain, as we've most likely worked with them at some point, struggling to get them on the line ourselves! That's why we make it a priority to be available to our customers and those that can't get answers from their suppliers. The bottom line is, we care about getting your project up and running, whether you're a new customer, returning customer, curious window shopper or convert - we're here to help. Go ahead, give us a ring at (707) 578-7973 and speak to us! We answer the phone! :)

Bottom Line: Congrats, your search is over.