Lear Hi-V Charger 200-420VDC (Used)

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This 3.3KW Lear charger removed from a Coda car can work at 120 or 240vac input. This liquid cooled charger is also used by the Chevy Volt, but has different firmware. It is CAN enabled, so it requires one of our EVCC or MCU controllers. Up to 11 amps output. 

NOTE: This is not the same charger as the Chevy Volt Lear charger, even though they look the same. The quickstart guide below does not apply to the Volt Charger. 

Charger Features:

  • Input 120/240VAC
  • Output 200-420VDC
  • Efficiency 92% max
  • Power 3300 watts max
  • 13 x 11 x 5 inches, 20.5 Pounds
  • Liquid Cooled 

Lear Quick-Start Guide (Coda Lear, not Chevy Volt Lear)


Included Components

  • High Voltage Lear Charger (used Coda EV version)
  • Harness connections from original vehicle
    • AC Input
    • DC Output
    • Canbus Control