Used Coda EV Batteries

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** Reduced Price August 2022 **

Used Coda EV lithium iron phosphate batteries in modules with various configurations - A common configuration of 6s6p  is $200 each. Other cell configurations available.

Connects easily to the Dilithium MCU and BMSC.

We disable online shipping estimates for lithium as the cart is unable to calculate hazmat shipping, nor can we ship these out of the U.S. Please email to place an order.

Phone: 707.578.7973

  • cell chemistry LiFePO4
  • cell voltage range: 2.8v to 3.6v
  • capacity: 15 AH per cell, 90 AH in the 6p configuration
  • 6s6p dimensions are: 18" x 8" x 5 1/2"