UQM PP HD-220 Drive System


These are new systems, including a UQM PowerPhase HD-220 inverter and motor, and our VCU with accessory kit. 220 kW peak output. This is a high voltage system requiring above 270v for full output. Both motor and controller are liquid cooled (cooling system not included).  

Customer installation example shown includes the Thunderstruck VCU, BMSC, EVCC, Charger, and Chevy Volt DCDC converter. You can see more at this customer's Instagram: @stufriedrich.

Crating fees and freight fees apply if being shipped. Please call for an estimate and system availability. Approximately 300 pounds.

Included Components

  • UQM PP HD-220 Powerphase Motor and Inverter
    • includes communication and power harness
  • VCU with connectors and low voltage wiring
  • VCU Accessory Kit
    • throttle, contactor, LV wiring harness, pre-charge circuit, FNR switch
  • Operational test by Thunderstruck