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Tyco LEV200


These Contactors are standard for almost all of our AC kits and large vehicles. They can handle 500A continuous, up to 900V, and are hermetically sealed and work without sparks.

They come in a variety of voltages, more details are available in the Datasheet.

Also, see our FAQ section for general contactor info:

This is basically a large safety switch (or solenoid) that connects the high power from your batteries to your controller. It is possible to damage some controllers by bypassing the contactor. Don't make that mistake!

  • What is that pre-charge resistor and diode that I see on the contactor drawing for?

On AXE controllers, the pre-charge resistor helps equalize the voltage potential between the batteries and the controller in a gentle way, as opposed to a sudden arc. This is good for longevity. The diode helps prevent any back emf from going to the controller that is caused when a contactor is opened. Sevcon and Curtis controllers handle this internally.

  • Why is there a discrepancy between the voltage rating on my contactor and my battery pack or controller?

Contactors are usually rated on their COIL voltage (also called enable voltage) and their current carrying capacity. Sevcon and Curtis AC controllers have adjustable coil outputs and are typically set up for 24V. In these instances, the controller is responsible for closing the contactor. Alltrax AXE controllers don't have a coil output, so your contactor is closed either by a key switch running directly from your battery pack or through a relay if you want a lower voltage to go through your key switch.

Included Components