Tyco LEV200

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This electromechanical power switch is used as a main contactors in a variety of EV systems.

You may also want to consider the EV200 with Economizer for 12-24v circuits requiring an economizer circuit (economizer not present in the controller).

Also, see our FAQ section for general contactor info, including the following:

  • What is a main contactor?
  • What is a precharge resistor?
 Specification  Units Tyco LEV200
Continouous Contact Current Amps 500
Rated Operating Voltage Volts 12 - 900
Coil voltage Volts 24,48,72
Holding Coil Current mA 130
Mechanical Life Cycles 100,000

Included Components

  • TYCO LEV200 Contactor
  • Nuts and washers for power terminals
  • Non-terminated coil wires (not polarized)