Tyco Fused Disconnect

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High voltage pack disconnect.

Used units may also be available. Please contact us for pricing if interested.

PNs: 1-1587987-1 , 1-2103172-1 , 170M3418 

Specification Units Tyco Fused Disconnect
Continouous Contact Current Amps 350
Fuse Rating Amps 630
Rated Operating Voltage VDC 450
Mating cycles Cycles 50
Operating Temperature Deg C -40 to 65
IP rating   Mated: IPx7, IP6k9k
Unmated: IP2xb
Mounting   Battery box mounting flange with seal. Mounting holes 3.375" on center

Included Components

  • Removable fuse block with fuse
  • Battery box mount with terminals and nutplates

Attachment hardware not included - M6 bolts required.