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Thunderstruck Motors Isolated DC-DC converters have 13.8V output with a max of 50 amps (burst at 12V).  8"x5.5" Footprint. 3 lbs. 

The ipDCIS series isolated DC-DC converter utilizes advanced high frequency power conversion technology and is designed to convert high voltage battery power for a 12V vehicle accessory system including battery charging, lights, electronics, etc.

This DC-DC converter is electrically isolated from input to output to ensure safe use, operates at a high efficiency, and has a stabilized output voltage capable of charging 12v batteries and safely operating electronic equipment. Multiple DC-DC converters can be used in parallel  to increase output current. 


The following table gives operating specifications for each of the DCDC converters of this type available at Thunderstruck Motors. 

Model Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current
48v  36v - 75v  13.8v (no load)  50 amps
72v  40v - 90v  13.8v (no load)  50 amps
96v  72v - 135v  13.8v (no load)  50 amps
144v  110v - 180v  13.8v (no load)  50 amps

Maximum Efficiency:  ≥88%

Environmental Enclosure:  IP65

Operating Temperature:  -20℃-+60℃

Water & vibration Resistant:  Enclosure is sealed to protect from water and vibration.

Enable Switch Control: The converter can be controlled by a switch or relay on the enable (green) wire circuit. Connect to pack positive to enable.  

Overheat Protection: Automatically reduces output current if the temperature is over 60°C, but does not shut down - this maintains power for your accessories.

Short Circuit Protection: Shuts down, then auto-resets after a short circuit is corrected. 

Under Voltage Protection: Shuts down when the input voltage is too low to avoid pack over-discharge.

Output Voltage: 13.8V±0.2V @0A, >12V @50A


  • Damage to the DC-DC will occur if you swap input and output wires, or if you apply reverse polarity to the connectors.
  • Do not open the DC-DC Case - there is a risk of electric shock, and your warranty may be void. 
  • Fuses are recommended at battery connections based on wire size/capacity - not shown in the following drawings.
  • We recommend an external battery maintainer for the 12v system if it is unused for a month or more.

Mechanical Drawing 

Wiring Diagram 

Extra Connectors

Included Components

  • TSM DC-DC Converter (selected voltage)
  • DC Input and Output Connectors and Pins

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