Torque Trends Gear Reduction


The ev-TorqueBox is a single speed reduction gearbox for use in electric automotive, marine and industrial applications. The ev-TorqueBox is 95% efficient, and is intended to replace the standard transmission or reduction drive. It multiplies motor torque and decreases output shaft rpm.  

Includes adapter plate and spline adapter for UQM/Danfoss PP100. Includes universal joint yoke with internal splines. Does not include park pawl. 

Reduction ratios and motor adapter options are available on request.

  • Helical planetary gears
  • Reduction ratio 1.9:1
  • Rated up to 1250 ft-lbs torque
  • Weighs 45 lbs including adapter plate and yoke
  • 11 1/4" x 11 1/4" with adapter plate installed (no yoke)
  • Requires 32 ounces of Synthetic ATF or Synthetic 75W90 Gear Oil

Included Components

  • ev-TorqueBox Reduction Drive
  • UQM PP-100 adapter plate and spline adapter
  • Output universal joint yoke spline adapter