Here are a few of our projects...

We are always innovating at Thunderstruck. Here are some of the vehicles we've developed over the years. The following vehicles are made or upgraded in our shop and are one of a kind. Some original vehicles are available for sale, please call for details.

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We've motored our Pearson 30 across the San Francisco bay with our 10KW kit and we look forward to experimenting with props, etc. 




1988 Pontiac Fiero, 115V, with a 260Ah battery pack, Curtis AC-50 kit, Thunderstruck BMS, Elcon charger. Approximately 100 mile range.



The Cleopatra 105V AC-20 Kit ... clocked at 110mph at Lagua Seca, Faster than a Tesla Roadster. Built by ThunderStruck with Marcos Ramirez - 2009


CBR 929

CBR 929 commissioned by D&D Motors, turned out beautiful, simple and clean with a Sepex system and (6) EB50-12 Lead batteries - 2010


MG Midget

108V MG Midget With Our AC-31 Kit - 2010



The Local. 48V Lithium Ion pack - 2009. Full specs here.



Snow White. Road race Auto Cross - 2009. Full specs here.



The 72V Geo Metro with our AC-30 Kit from 2009.  Full Specs here. Has now been upgraded to a Leaf motor with our VCU!

Road Runner

The RoadRunner, with the New ET-M motor Alltrax 4834 controller and 3 HR22-12, fully programable for small children to wheelie mayem.



The Cruzers. Electrified beach crusiers - 2008



The Cycle Car. AC induction drive, 72 volt, LiFePo4 batteries, fast - 2008



The TriVolt 500. Triumph/Yamaha mix, 73 volts, Perm PMG 132 Motor - 2008. Full Specs here.


X-15 Super Pocket Bike

Christmas Special 'X-15': 24V, 33Ah B&B batteries.



The Mini Chopper. 48V, 1kw rated motor and a true 30mph make it street legal in CA. SOLD



The Jackal - 2008



Big Jack, prototype. 2007-2008. 48 volt, now with a sep ex motor.



 The Jackalope - 2007


Li'l Blue

Li'l Blue. Shop utility postal van. Only one in existence! - 2006 SOLD



The Big Kick, with Brad our mascot - 2003



Fat Bob. Long distance, high speed custom bike trailer.



Shorty - 2000



The Sand Rail - Big Wheels = Big fun - 1999