Throttle Controls

A throttle puts out variable low voltage based on throttle position, which is interpreted by the motor controller as either torque or speed information. Select your throttle based on your application and your desired features, specified below:

  • FNR (Forward Neutral Reverse) capability, typically for marine applications (WigWag or ET)
  • Cable to control arm attachment for existing remote throttle installations (ET or PB-8)
  • Twist-grip or thumb activated, typically used with motorcycles or off-road vehicles (Domino or Thumb Throttle)
  • Foot activated throttles, typically used for 4-wheel land vehicles (FP-6 or Hall Type)

The Wigwag and ET series throttles listed below handle seamless forward and reverse operation in a single unit. The Wigwag is an electric remote throttle control, and the ET unit can be either an electric remote or mechanically linked using your existing throttle control and cable. Making this selection up-front is very important because the motor controller must be programmed to match your throttle choice.

Please email us if you need help determining which is best for your specific requirements.