827 Display for Sevcon

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This LED display provides basic motor and battery parameters from our Sevcon motor controllers. It has a 2.5" round panel mount case, and is rated IP67 face and IP54 back.

Includes harness and retaining bracket.

Display Parameters:

  • Motor Temperature in ℃
  • Controller Temperature in ℃
  • Controller Voltage
  • Battery Current 
  • Motor RPM


*The 827 display is compatible with Sevcon controllers programmed by Thunderstruck motors that were purchased starting July 2020*

Display Wiring Guide

NOTE: The display is custom programmed to work with Sevcon controllers purchased from ThunderStruck Motors after July 2019. Controllers sold prior to this date can be configured for the display by using the Sevcon Programming kit, and instructions included in the following document.

Programming Instructions

Included Components

  • 827 LED Display
  • 10 ft. harness with connectors for Sevcon programming port and display
  • Panel Mount Bracket with nuts