Rincon 400a HVBD

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Manual locking disconnect for your traction battery, for use as maintenece disconnect switch. This switch is rated for 1000 Volts at 400 amps continus and 2000 amps for about 1 minute. See "Specifications" tab for aditional details.

 Specification Units Rincon 400a HVBD
Contact Arrangement   Form X, SPST
Operating Voltage VDC 1,000
Dielectric Withstand Voltage (1 min) VDC 5,000
Continuous Current (107mm2 conductor) Amps 400
Overload Current (1 minute) Amps 2,000
Make and Break (400A @ 24VDC) Cycles 5,000
Voltage Drop (Max at nominal load) mV 50
Min Insulation Resistance MOhm 100
Shock   25G/5ms, 40G/6ms
Vibration (Sinusoidal 18-500Hz Peak) G 20
Operating Temperature Deg C -55 to 85 (175 max terminal temperature)
Ingress Protection   Exceeds IP69
Weight Grams 400
Case Material   PA GF Black
Switch Lever Material   PA GF Red
Mounting mm 100
Mounting Position   Any
Auxiliary Contact Continuous Current mA 100
Auxiliary Contact Arrangement   SPDT