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Our Company

ThunderStruck Motors, LLC is an electric drive technology research, development and manufacturing company, as well as a retailer of electric vehicles, conversion kits and components. Our mission is to encourage the use of environmentally friendly transport by the public and assist individuals with their unique conversion projects.

We've been researching, designing, converting, and building electric drag racing vehicles, motorcycles, go-carts, electric-assist bicycle trailers, junior dragsters, cars, and boats since 1996.  We are constantly seeking to increase the efficiency of EV technology so that someday, hopefully, we can all enjoy practical commutes and cleaner air.  Our kits have shown a wide range of applications, from bicycles to trucks and even industrial vehicles. But, our attention isn't only on land craft - one of our favorite and most popular developments is our electric sailboat kit, which has allowed sailboat owners to replace their noxious diesel engines with clean, quiet electric drives.

As passionate educators and promoters of EV technology, we frequenly consult hobbyists, schools, and companies through any and all stages of the conversion process.  Through seeking opportunities to sponsor high-school and college level electric and solar powered vehicle competitions, we make a concentrated effort to ensure that future generations are aware of the benefits of clean air and passionate about bringing this technology to it's full potential.   

We believe in the power of community, and as a member of both The North Bay Chapter of the Electric Auto Association and The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA), we frequently host and attend their events to stay up-to-date and in touch with other electric vehicle enthusiasts.  We've also been known to test our designs at some of the many races sponsored by these and other EV organizations.  In fact, many of our projects hold electric drag racing records.

Most recently, we've taken on a new venture becoming an official service center for Coda brand cars. Unfortunately, their company declared bankruptcy and is therefore no longer providing service and support to Coda owners.  This is concerning since the everyday mechanic may not understand electric vehicles fluently enough to accurately diagnose and safely repair them.  We felt this was our chance to step up and help out a small but passionate group of Coda lovers - and we are happy that we did!  

Plain and simple, we are passionate about EVs.  Whether it's designing, building, and racing our own, helping others create theirs, or providing affordable parts and service - we live and breath this technology, and we're here to help you. Our shop rate is $100/ hr. 


LOCATION: 2985 Dutton Ave. Ste 3, Santa Rosa, CA 95407


EMAIL: connect@thunderstruck-ev.com

PHONE: 707.578.7973




ThunderStruck is...

Brian D. Hall Mainfuse (Mainfuse@thunderstruck-ev.com)

Michael Swallow General Manager/ Logic (Office@thunderstruck-ev.com)

Mark Schiess Sales/ Coach (Sales@thunderstruck-ev.com)

John Palmerlee Charger/BMS and Service Tech (Service@thunderstruck-ev.com)

JT Sales, (Sales@thunderstruck-ev.com)


A True ThunderStruck Story:

It was early June, 1980 when a young Thad Wolff  entered his first professional race in Road America.  As it turned out, this happened to be his very first professional win!  No small accomplishment - considering that he'd never even been to this track.  Sadly, several years later, that same track took it's revenge with a crash that ended Thad's outstanding AMA Pro-Superbike career. 

Thirty years from the day of Thad Wolff's first win at Road America, he returned, and everyone was thrilled to see him back at the track.  It was like he never left, he seemed to know everyone.  Everyone from announcers to team captains and old racers made a steady pilgrimage to the Team Electra pits for a chance to visit with their old buddy.  

It was June 5th, 2010, that a 50-year-old Thad pulled on his leathers and headed back out onto the 55 year old track.  What was he riding, you ask? He rode a Norton featherbed frame from the 60's equipped with lithium polymer batteries and none other than a ThunderStruck electric motor.  She was a true "cafe racer" wrapped in the John Player Special fairing from 1972.  Thad was back on Road America, and riding for Team Norton Electra in the 2010 TTXGP.  Then, something truly wonderful occurred...

Thad ground the old bikes fairing down to size as he set the fastest qualifying lap time of anyone in the TTXGP.  He had returned to qualify on the poll position in the newest form of racing during AMA Superbike Weekend!

During that race, Thad's motor started heating up so the motor's controller cut back the power (just as it's designed to do).  Nevertheless, Thad brought Team Norton Electra into the winners' circle with an impressive third place finish - 30 years to the day, he sprayed the Chamagne one more time at Road America!