Nissan Leaf Drive System (Used)

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Wouldn't you like to convert your old car using a modern Nissan Leaf Motor? This system includes a Nissan Leaf Motor, Inverter, transaxle, half-shafts, our VCU, throttle, wiring harness, contactor, pre-charge circuit, and F/R switch. 140-400v Input. This is a great system for the price! Approx. 80kw at higher voltages. Fairly compact in size; what are you going to install one in?! Crating fees and freight fees apply if being shipped, please call for an estimate. Approx 280 pounds not including half shafts. Most that we have are 2013 or newer, but we do have one 2012 as of 1-7-21 (has modular inverter).

If you wanted to use this for a boat you can open the transmission and pin some gears together allowing use of one side of the output shafts at ~1200 rpm. Mounting it is up to you. 

VCU Manual

See it installed in a test car