Nissan Leaf Drive System (used)

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Would you like to convert your old car using a modern Nissan Leaf Motor? 200-425v Input required. Includes our VCU and Accessory kit. Rated output requires higher voltages. Fairly compact in size, and a great solution for front or rear wheel drive with independent suspension. Custom mounting is required depending on your installation.

If you want to use the entire drivetrain for a boat, you can modify the transmission and use a single output shaft at ~1200 rpm.  

Crating fees and freight fees apply if being shipped. Please call for an estimate and system availability. Approx 280 pounds.

Inverter/Motor models below can be controlled by the VCU. Availability subject to inventory and demand - please contact us before ordering.

  • ZE0 80 kW Inverter/Motor (2011-2012) - Inverter and motor mounted separately
  • AZE0 80 kW Inverter/Motor (2013-2017) - Inverter and motor in one unit
  • ZE1 160 kW Inverter/Motor (2018+) - Inverter and motor in one unit 

NOTE: All inverter/motors are factory matched sets, so an inverter from one vehicle will not work with a motor from another vehicle. 

Inverter pinout connections for ZE0 and AZE0 are shown in the manual listed in the VCU page linked below. ZE1 inverter pinout connections are provided in the following ZE1 Pinout document.

VCU For Leaf and UQM

ZE1 Pinout Connections

See it installed in our prototype

Aftermarket Solutions for Nissan Leaf Motor Installs

Motor Mounting Plates by Active Automation

Motor Adapter Plates by Brat Industries

Divorced Output Coupler by Syncro Gearboxes


Included Components

  • Nissan Leaf Inverter (selected model)
  • Matched motor 
  • Reduction gear box with differential
  • Inverter to motor harness, with plugs
  • VCU and low voltage wiring
  • VCU Accessory Kit
    • throttle, contactor, pre-charge circuit, FNR switch, LV wiring harness 
  • Operational test by Thunderstruck

Optional drive shafts and PDM units may be available on request