Motenergy ME1718 Sealed Brushless

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ME1718 is good for 100 amps continuous with a Peak rating of 300 amps for 2 minutes. ~3500 rpm at 48v. Approx 26 pounds. 


Used in our 16kw motorcycle kits and 5kw kits, both of which use Curtis 1232 type controllers. 

  Units Motenergy ME1718
Type Brushed/Brushless  Brushless

Cooling Type

Air/Liquid  Air Cooled
Voltage Volts 24-96
Peak Current Amps 300
Continuous Current Amps 100
Max Rotor Speed rpm 4200
Torque (Peak Stall Torque) Ft Lb 31 (42 Nm)
Torque Constant Nm/Amp 0.14
Weight lbs 26
Height (Not Including Cable Connection Points) inches 7.15
Width inches 7.15
Length inches 6.61
Shaft Dimensions Inches 7/8 x 1-11/16 x 3/16 Key
Efficiency % 88
Poles    5 pole motor (10 magnets)
Winding Resistance mili Ohms 5.28
Inductance between phases (@1000 Hz) micro Henry  39-43.5
Temperature Sensor Installed Yes/No Yes
Temperature Sensor PN    KTY84-130
Ingress Protection   IP65
Sensor Type    Sine-Cosine