Motenergy ME1115/1917 Brushless Sine/Cosine

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Similar to the 0913 motor but with a sine/cosine type encoder instead of a hall sensor. This means better throttle response and less torque fluctuation at slower speeds. We've also seen higher current capabilities from the controller when matching this motor to a Gen4 controller.

Designed for long life. No brush maintenance. The motor is 92% efficient at voltages between 24 to 96 VDC. Continuous current of 125 amps AC (180 Amps DC into the motor control). This is a 3-phase, Y-connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with an axial air gap. It has two stators with a rotor in the center.

ME1115 and ME1917 are designations for the same motor.

  • This is a 4 pole motor (8 magnets)
  • The Phase to Phase winding resistance is 0.013 Ohms
  • The maximum recommended rotor speed is 5000 RPM
  • Voltages from 0 to 96 VDC input to the control
  • Torque constant of 0.15 Nm per Amp
  • The Inductance Phase to Phase is 0.10 Milli-Henry with 28 turns per phase
  • Armature Inertia is 45 Kg Cm Squared
  • Peak current of 420 Amps AC for 1 minute (600 Amps DC into the motor control)
  • Weight of 35 pounds
  • Peak Stall Torque of 60 FtLb
  • This is an Open Frame, Fan Cooled motor

This motor is used in our 10kw boat kits with a sevcon controller. We recommend using a Curtis controller if used with an on-road vehicle.

Includes temperature sensor.

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