Motenergy ME0708/1907

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The Motenergy ME0708 has one of the highest power/weight/dollar available on the market for brush PM motors. This radial motor can pull 100 amps at 48 volts continuously (300amps for 1 minute) and runs in either direction. The max recommended rotor speed is 5000 rpm. This is ideally suited for 24-48 volts. Torque constant of 0.13 Nm per amp. Works with the Alltrax SR controllers or the Sevcon 4Q for built in reversing. Great for electrathons, motorcycles, and go-carts.

ME0709 and ME1907 are designations for the same motor.

  Units Motenergy ME0708/1907
Type Brushed/Brushless Brushed

Cooling Type

Air/Liquid Air
Voltage Volts 24-48
Peak Current (>= 30s) Amps 300
Continuous Current Amps 100
Max Rotor Speed rpm 5000
Torque (Peak Stall Torque) Ft Lbs 29 (39 Nm)
Torque Constant Nm/Amp 0.13
Weight lbs 36
Height (Not Including Cable Connection Points) inches 7.91
Width inches 7.91
Length inches 5.91
Shaft Dimensions Inches 7/8"x 1-3/4", 3/16" key