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This is an IPM water cooled motor for up to 96 VDC battery systems, and 250 amps continuous. This has the same stator and rotor as the ME1507, but in a water cooled IP67 case. Inlcudes a 7/8" keyed shaft. Provide your own small radiator and a coolant pump with a flow rate of 4-10 litres per minute. Max rpm 6000 Approx. 55 pounds. Motor speed will depend on controller type and settings. 

When used in our kits, controllers will cut power when the motor gets too hot, based on internal motor temp sensor. Coolant temp leaving the motor should be under 230F/ 110C with standard use, and up to 100C on the inlet side is allowable. If controllers are adjusted for field weakening this rating would be lower. This is used with a Curtis controller for our sailboat and on-road use kits.

  Units Motenergy ME1616
Type Brushed/Brushless  Brushless

Cooling Type

Air/Liquid Liquid

Flow Rate Required

liter/min 4-10
Voltage Volts Up to 100
Peak Current Amps 600
Continuous Current Amps 250
Max Rotor Speed rpm 6000
Torque (Peak Stall Torque) Ft Lbs 88 (120 Nm)
Torque Constant Nm/Amp 0.22
Weight lbs 55
Height (Not Including Cable Connection Points) inches 10
Width inches 10
Length inches 7
Shaft Dimensions Inches 7/8, 1-11/16, 1/4 key
Efficiency % 92
Poles   5 pole motor (10 magnets)
Inductance between phases (@1000 Hz) micro Henry 62-110
Temperature Sensor Installed Yes/No Yes
Temperature Sensor PN   KTY84-130
Sensor Type   Sine-Cosine