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Master Control Unit


Master Control Unit (MCU)

** New Product **

Thunderstruck's Dilithium Design Master Control Unit (MCU) is our newest offering for the DIY EV enthusiast. Combining features from our BMSC, EVCC, and Dilithium Display, this device controls battery charging, management, and display functions from a single platform. It has multiple programmable inputs and outputs, two CANbus interfaces, and two IsoSPI interfaces that connect to BMS measurement units. The MCU supports existing 24-cell BMS Satellite units as well as a new 18-cell BMS Satellite.

The standard EV system using the MCU includes our TSM2500 charger(s), Dilithium Design Display (with current sensor) and Dilithium BMS 24-cell or 18-cell satellite units for cell measurement. Satellite installation requires a harness Test Board designed for the selected satellite. Click this link to visit the BMS Satellite page

The MCU also supports A123 Systems battery modules found in many retired heavy vehicles. For this application, BMS Satellites and the Harness Test Board are not required.

The MCU has been designed as an expandable platform, with additional features planned for future upgrades. The MCU case is a 4.1 x 2.65 x 1.1 inch plastic enclosure with mounting flanges.

Feature List

  • Original BMSC and EVCC features including cell balancing and reporting, thermistor reporting and charge control
  • J1772 support with auto-start and Type 2 compatibility
  • Controls up to 4 Thunderstruck Chargers for high-speed charging
  • Hall sensor input for current counting SOC reporting to Dilithium or analog display
  • User configurable parameters via text-based freeware user interface
  • Display drivers for Dilithium Design Display, Curtis Engage II, Speedhut
  • Five programmable inputs and five programmable outputs - useful for sending and receiving status alerts
  • 12v switched output for controlling an external device such as powered battery packs and relays
  • PWM Output for driving resistive sensor analog fuel gauges
  • Two independent canbus networks configurable for 250kbs or 500 kbs baud rates
  • Two IsoSPI networks for Dilithium BMS satellites for up to 288 cells
  • CANOpen and OBDII Support

Associated Equipment

Dilithium EV Display
- 3" touch screen graphical at-a-glance battery status and SOC display – MCU canbus controlled

Engage II Display- 2.25" 5-mode digital battery status plus SOC display – MCU canbus controlled

Current Sensor
- Hall type, for MCU display features - 420, 500 and 1000 amp current ranges (output to the Dilithium Display)

- BMS Satellite units with either 2x12 or 1x18 cell groups for a wide range of cells and modules

BMS Harness Tester
- Required for testing BMSS cell harnesses before final connection (smoke prevention)

A123 Battery Modules
- Used OEM modules with integrated BMS satellite units. Simple MCU hookup via canbus.

TSM2500 Charger
- MCU controls one to four TSM chargers over canbus for custom charging solutions

J1772 Inlet Port
- Connects to MCU for EVSE source control and connection safety

Support Documentation

MCU Manual ** updated August 2022 **
MCU Output Examples
Charger Connector Diagram
Charger Troubleshooting Guide
Serial Port Utilities Installation
Putty Install Video
BMS Wiring and Testing Video
PC Software
Mac Software


Included Components

  • Master Control Unit with integrated BMS, Charge and Display controllers
  • Connectors (4, 5, 8 and 10 pin Harting)
  • Wire release tool for connectors
  • Low voltage wiring (4' lengths, various colors)
  • 12v Light/Buzzer (for operator alert)
  • 120 Ohm canbus termination resistor
  • Harness Test Board (if option is selected)

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