J1772 Charging handle

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This is a J1772 power cord connector configured for Type 1 EV Supply Equipment (EVSE). This kit includes a 32 Amp J1772 handle with latch and female power terminals. It does not include the power cable. Variations may differ from image shown.

J1772 is a worldwide standard for communication between vehicles and EVSEs. Type 1 EVSEs are typically found in North America, and Type 2 EVSEs are often the standard in all other regions.

J1772 Charging Handle Instructions

Installation requires the following:
- Torx T15 driver bit
- Torx T10 driver bit
- Crimping tool for pins 
- Soldering iron and solder
We recommend crimping and also soldering if you do not have a quality crimping tool for these pins. There are seals on the pins so be careful not to overheat them when soldering.
See the following Youtube video for a description of the assembly process. There is some info you may not need, but the video handles important details.
Note that the wire colors mentioned may not match other systems.
When replacing a handle, wire locations should be labeled before cutting off the old pins, because wires must connect to new pins in the original positioins. 
Latch Switch Wires: The black wire connects to PE (ground), and the white wire connects to the PP (proximity) pin. The video above provides information and diagrams covering this.