I just wanted to contact you to thank you for your great product. I purchased the 10kw sailboat kit, gear reduction, throttle, and Sevcon unit and could not be happier. I installed it in my 1969 Morgan 28 without a single issue with the equipment. -W Lugo
"D*mn thing is fast as hell with a lot of torque. Easily as fast as it was with the gas Comer motor. Amazing! Thanks for all the help." [14kw kart kit]
The help I received from this company is second to none !!! We are a new electric Karting facility in Iowa, and we were having a lot of problems getting the karts set up to perform properly. I was told to give Thunderstruck a call, I called and was directed to Michael. Within a week of doing a couple phone calls back and forth, he got us straightened out and up and running. I can not thank these guys enough for all of the help we received from them. We are planning on doing as much business through this company as we possibly can just because of their customer service and their knowledge.

Thanks again ,
My deepest and most sincere gratitude to you and staff.
Exceeded my expectations, well done.
Thank you
(5Kw Sailboat kit with Gear Reduction)
After 12 months of frustration using a hobby charger on my EV I finally bit the bullet and installed a charger and controller from Thunderstruck. Instead of taking 3 weeks for a full charge it now takes a few hours. It was much quicker than I had imagined. The support and advice I received from Thunderstruck was very helpful too. I am a very happy camper. You can see my videos by searching "Full Charge Motorsport"
Loved the system [10Kw sailboat kit] last summer, by the way. Almost instant on, without having to warm up an engine, and much more reliable than the old Atomic 4 ICE.
Very happy with the kit build quality and value. -Benjamin S.
I installed a 5 kw sailboat kit on my Oday 280 last year. It's been life-changing. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy it.
[1977 Catalina 30]
I couldn’t be happier. The transmission was very easy to install on my old engine mounts and made mounting the motor a breeze. The coupling lined up beautifully and knowing it allows some play is just extra peace of mind. It’s a very well engineered system.
We went sailing this weekend using the kit you programmed and the system was a dream to use compared to the clunky old diesel. I’m very happy with the new electric drive.
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