I'm from NZ, I have contacted them a number of times over the last couple of years, they have always been happy to help and answer all my questions. their customer support is incredible
Throughout all of the global issues, this team kept us all going. From design through install always helpful and always polite.
Thanks Team!
Bought a 10Kw kit for my previously engine-less 26'wooden cutter. I knew nothing of electric vehicles and the team at TSM has been great in helping me figure out all the details. I am one of those guys who is a pest and asks a lot of questions and they patiently , I hope! ; ) , answered all my questions. Couldnt have done it without them. Cant wait to see how it all runs this summer. Thanks to everyone at TSM! Based on my experience here a friend is putting the same motor in his boat this summer. We'll race and let you know! Cheers!

I purchased a 10kw sail kit two years ago... had a delay install mostly covid related. I recently pulled out my wiring harness out of storage and .. noooo.. mouse decided to nest and chew!

Thunderstruck made me another harness no questions asked!

I wanted an electronic throttle... I sent back my controller and harness... bam.. two weeks later harness rebuilt... controller reprogramed and new throttle!

Best support ever!

We can not say enough about this vendor. Thunderstruck customer service is second to none and their prices are always reasonable. You simply will not find this level of customer service anywhere else so don't waste your time shopping with other vendors. Highly recommend Thunderstruck!
Best customer service I have encountered so far. Recently purchased the AC15/1238E kit and had several questions regarding the installation process. Every question was answered and each Thunderstruck representative demonstrated professionalism and patience. Will purchased from this seller again ... and again.
You guys are THE BEST. I am using your BMS, EVCC and Display for my electric car project. The systems are well designed and everything has operated well. I had one problem with an ELCC I bought 2 years ago. John told me that those older versions have had a few failures and immediately sent me a tested replacement free of charge with free shipping and provided a prepaid mailer for the return of the old part. As I said, I love you guys and wish you all the best. gw
I love the personal customer service level so far, well-done guys!
I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for all your support. We hooked everything up last night and this.. thing.. will.. fly! It lit up the mud tires on pavement. You guys did a great job and have a great team! Thank you again and I will send any other projects I have in the future your way!
You guys are great, love your products.
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