Heater Unit (high-voltage)

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This coolant heater produces up to 6.0 kW at 350 Volts. Made in Germany by Eberspacher. Kit includes a small Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller. Power and control input pigtails provided.

Uses 20 mm hose connections (hoses not included). See page 12 in the specification sheet for wiring information. See the drawing above for PWM pinouts.

Heater wiring varies between repurposed units. High voltage wires may not have red/black polarity indications. In this case, use the image above showing the orange connector - polarity is determined by connector position. These orange wires have a shield layer which must be stripped back before creating custom connections.

Operation Notes:

  • 12v supply required for PWM and heater
  • PWM "Low" is the heater active state
  • Heater active only between 5% and 95% "Low" pulse width
  • Heater PWM input frequency range: 40-300 Hz
  • Requires fluid pump and standard automotive coolant (see spec. sheet on "Manuals and Downloads" Tab)

Included Components

  • High Voltage Fluid Heater (repurposed)
  • PWM Module for controlling heat output
  • Circuit board header pins for PWM Module

Fluid hoses are not included.