Hall Effect Current Sensor

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A Hall Sensor provides realtime current and state of charge (coulomb counting). Hall sensor options include the LEM DHAB sensors listed below. These sensors are for use with the Dilithium Design EV Display for BMSC, or the MCU.

The DHAB S/124 and S/137 sensors are brand new, and the S/44 sensors have been previously in service. 

For updated connection guides and datasheets see the following table.

Sensor Range Max Current Connection Guide LEM Datasheet
S/44  Dual 420 Amps S/44 Connection Info S/44 Datasheet


500 Amps S/124 Connection Info S/124 Datasheet
S/137   Dual 1000 Amps S/137 Connection Info S/137 Datasheet


Associated Equipment

Dilithium EV Display for BMSC
- 3" touch screen display for the BMSC

Master Control Unit (MCU)
- BMS, Charge and Display controller in a single unit

Included Components

  • Hall Sensor
  • 4-Pin Connector with pins
  • Includes a 6 ft. 4-wire cable if purchased with MCU or Display

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