Foot Pedal (Hall type)

foot pedal
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This is a single channel hall effect throttle with an internal idle switch. It requires a 12v DC input, provides 0-5v output for motor controllers. Mating connector provided.

    Units Foot Pedal (Hall type)
Input Voltage Volts 12 to 90 (power off below 9)
Output Signal: 0 – 4.75 Volts DC Volts 0 to 4.75
Switch On Volts 0.4
Wiring Information
Power + Wire Color Color Red (Port 1)
Output Signal Wire Color Color Green (Port 2)
Ground Wire Color Color Black (Port 3)
Switch In Wire Color Color Yellow (optional) (Port 4)
Switch Out (NO) Wire Color Color Blue (optional) (Port 5)

Included Components

  • Mating Connector
  • Foot Pedal Throttle

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