Garage Sale

This page lists our available stock of drive systems, batteries, and odds & ends. Please give us a call or email to verify availability or for more information. Unless stated othewise, there is no warranty on used items - they are sold as-is. Shipping batteries or large items includes added shipping costs. Items may not be exactly as pictured.

Production drive systems are also listed in our AC and Large Motor Kits page, for instance: Nissan Leaf and Coda UQM.

Products updated 6/14/2022


Drive Systems and Motors

Used Wheego AC Propulsion Systems, 150kW. Powertrain assembly and inverter for $2500 Miscellaneous parts available, such as harnesses and drive shaftsSpec sheet 



Used Tesla Motor and Inverter $3,000



We have other new closeout, used motors and bad motors available for parts. Many types and sizes are available for many different applications. What are your needs? Contact us



Used Nissan Leaf Modules 62AH (when new), 7.5v, $110 each. Contact us for availability, no warranty. 
~9 x 13 x 1 3/8" and <10 pounds each [~4 WH/$]



Used Coda EV Batteries $200 each, 6S config, charges to about 20v and ~100 amp hours. Contact us for details and availability, no warranty.


"Mini BMS" Cell boards
This individual cell module is used for LiFePo4 cells. These can replace failed units in older systems with a functioning Mini BMS Head Board. We have many units with either M6 or M8 ring terminals for cell connections. $10 each or make an offer on multiple units.


Charger, DCDC and EVSE

We have A LOT of low power chargers in the 12-48v range. Specific chargers in stock are listed below. Please email us with any questions.

The following charger images are identified by captions beneath:


Zivan 144V Lead Acid Battery Charger, $300 get in contact with us if you are interesed.

New BEL DC-DC converter. 240-430V input, 9-16V output. 278A max. $1500 with CAN controller, 3 in stock. 


New Elcon DCDC, 1500 watt, with DC input and control cables. 220-450 Volt input. 13.8 Volt and 110 Amp output. $600



Pedestal EVSE good for 100 amps, $250


We also have several used PFC or Zivan chargers of assorted voltages that could be reprogrammed for your pack - example: 218V (318 max) 2KW PFC $350


New or Used EMB Chargers. 24Volt 15 amp! $50 - So cheap you can use two for a 48v pack!


Used J1772 connectors, etc. See our Chargers & Accessories page for priced options.

DC Fast Charging Port (Chademo) from a Nissan Leaf $150


Other Components

Not Shown: NEW 6.0kW Heating Unit. Requires higher voltages. Two available, consignment sale. 


Air Conditioning Compressor. Similar to picture, Ford part # AM64-19D623-AB $500 new or $400 used.


Lightly used or New GE Controllers for 2007 Zenn Car. Part# ic3645sr7a353e1 72v Sepex 300amp 4 in stock. $300 each. No wiring harness or diagram. 


Used controllers from Zap quads are 36 or 48V, 100amp. $125


New Condition Fuses at sale prices!

New and Used Contactors, Solenoids, Relays.


Odds and Ends  

Used Nissan Leaf wheel covers. Most have a few scratches, some look new. $20


New Nissin Brake Master Cylinder lever and caliper. $25 Fits 7/8" handlebar, takes a 10mm banjo bolt . Make an offer on 100!

New Emb Mechanical Speedo has 2.5" diameter display and 30" cable. $10, or make an offer on 100! 


New 12 or 24V Turn Signal. $6.50 each

New 24V Horn. $10. Make an offer on 100!


Handlebar Button fits 7/8" bar. Good for horn, or for your secret starting circuit?

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