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Garage Sale

Our available stock of odds & ends. Please give us a call or email for more information. Unless stated othewise, no warranty on used items, sold as-is. Shipping batteries or large items incures extra cost. Items may not be exactly as pictured.

Products updated 7/30/20

Lots of New Items!!

  Drive Systems and Motors

Used UQMPP100 Motor and Coda Inverter. Requires vcu from evtv. $4000! 

Used Wheego AC Propulsion Systems, 150kW. Powertrain assembly and inverter for $5000 Miscellaneous parts available, such as harnesses and drive shafts, $5000. Spec sheet 


Used Tesla Motor and Inverter $5k

2013 Nissan Leaf Drivetrain with our New VCU, wiring harness, throttle, contactor, pre-charge circuit. $3000 + crating, half shafts available. ~140-400V input. 


USED Azure Dynamics Motor- Solectria, Controller and Differential. Price Reduced!! $1500



Zapino Scooter Hub Motor, controller, two styles, bench tested. $250 24-80v actual usable input voltage


We have other new closeout Motors, used motors and bad motors available for parts. Many types and sizes are available for many different applications. What are your needs?

Used ME1718, two available $600 and $650

ME1306 open box (same as 10kw boat kit motor but different encoder) $850






A123 Pouch Modules $520 each (4 shown in pic) ~98 lbs each, 83v nominal, 59ah. [~6.12watts/$]

Used Nissan Leaf Modules from a car with ~12K miles, and others. 62AH, 7.5v, $120 each. ~50 available, no warranty.  ~9 x 13 x 1 3/8" and <10 pounds each [~4.65 watts/$]


 Used Kokam packs are 90v, 80 Ah. They are potted and in aluminum boxes. As-Is, $750 per box. 25"x11"x11" 188 pounds [~9.6 watts/$] 3 available as of 6-30-20


Panasonic 48V Lithium battery pack. Approximately 105Ah. $450, only 1 left!  


Used Coda EV Batteries $400 each, 6S config, charges to about 20v and ~100 amp hours. 

A123 Cells $5 each. About 300 in stock, most are unused but are several years old. 


NimH 12Ah Batteries. No Warranty.




Pedestal EVSE good for 100 amps, $250

We also have several used PFC or Zivan chargers of assorted voltages that could be reprogrammed for your pack:

120V Flooded Lead Acid 1KW PFC $300

312V 4KW CAN-enabled PFC, $750 with EVCC

218V (318 max) 2KW PFC $350

New or Used EMB Chargers. 24Volt 15 amp! $50-75 So cheap you can use two for a 48v pack!

We have A LOT of low power chargers in the 12-48v range. Feel free to ask!



ALIAS by Zap. No batteries or charger, a bit beat up since this photo was taken, but still has UQM drive system. $6k. 

Electric Smith Truck just needs you to drop a bed or box on. 2012, $30K, several available. 

Tiny Tiny "Urbee" vehicle available in pink or yellow! ~$4K depending on options. 

Alias prototype. Nice wheels, brakes, springs. $1000

Roadrunner: Frames Only- No electrical components. $500 Build your own EV!  

36V EMB Lectra. Great town bike, approx. 45mph. $2500 without batteries. 


Power Assist Wheelbarrow: Removable 24v battery, 2WD, Fwd/Rev, 200 lb capacity, $400 OBO One Left!


Other Components

Not Shown:

NEW 6.0kW Heating Unit. Requires higher voltages. Two available, consignment sale. 


New BEL DC-DC converter. 240-430V input, 9-16V output. 278A max. $1500 with CAN controller, 3 in stock. 

Delphi DC-DC Converter $600. 216-450VDC Input. Liquid Cooled. Use with our EVCC Basic (Sold separately)

Air Conditioning Compressor. Similar to picture, Ford part # AM64-19D623-AB $500 new or $400 used.


12V Vacuum pump $100 and Cannister $20. 

Lightly used or New GE Controllers for 2007 Zenn Car Part# ic3645sr7a353e1  72v Sepex 300amp

4 in stock. $350 each. No wiring harness or diagram. 

Used controllers from Zap quads are 36 or 48V, 100amp. $125

New Condition Fuses at sale prices!

New and Used Contactors, Solenoids, Relays..

Odds and Ends  

Radiator with fan and PWM controller, $200 Several available. 

Carry this instead of a spare tire and save some weight. $50

Used Nissan Leaf wheel covers. Most have a few scratches, some look new. $20

New Nissin Brake Master Cylinder lever and caliper. $25 Fits 7/8" handlebar, takes a 10mm banjo bolt . Make an offer on 100!

New Emb Mechanical Speedo has 2.5" diameter display and 30" cable. $10, or make an offer on 100! 

New 12 or 24V Turn Signal. $6.50 each

New 24V Horn. $10. Make an offer on 100!

Handlebar Button fits 7/8" bar. Good for horn, or for your secret starting circuit?

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