EnGage II Display (SOC meter)

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This EnGage II Display is a canbus controlled state of charge meter for use with the Thunderstruck BMS Controller (BMSC), Master Control Unit (MCU) and selected Curtis controllers. For the MCU and BMSC, display options include state of charge (SOC), Voltage, highest or lowest cell voltage, and standard deviation. For Curtis 12xx series controllers, display options include SOC, Voltage, Current and RPM.

This display will be pre-configured for the canbus baud rate of your system. Typical settings are 250 for the MCU and BMSC, and 500 for Curtis drive systems.

Check it out in this demo video


  • Backlight button
  • 2" panel mount
  • IP65 moisture rated
  • Shunt not required 

Included Components

  • Curtis Engage II Display
  • 4-wire cable (12v power, canbus), 10 ft.
  • 4-pin connector for display

If the Curtis 12xx controller option is selected, a controller connector will be provided.