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When we're not at the race track you may find us out on the water!

Convert your sailboat to a clean, quiet electric drive! Eliminate noxious diesel fumes and the cost of filling up at the pump. Enjoy your sailboat to the fullest, with a quiet drive and truly fresh air. Installing an electric drive can often be cheaper than getting that old Atomic4 rebuilt.

Our DIY electric sailboat kits are relatively easy to install on your own, but do require you to have mechanical ability and basic electrical knowledge, as well as a voltmeter and other common tools. We do have a list of independent installers who are familiar with and have installed our kits; we are not directly affiliated with them and provide their contact information as a courtesy only. (Interested in becoming an installer? Please check our installer page for information.)

When you place your order, you will need to provide details about your battery pack to enable us to program your motor controller to match. Minimum battery information includes cell chemistry, amp hour rating, overall pack voltage, series cell count and arrangement. 

A typical system will include an item from each of the following groups: