Elcon HV DCDC Converter

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This Elcon TDC-IY-320-12 DCDC converter supports high voltage pack systems between 220 and 450 Volts DC.

  Units TDC-IY-320-12
Input Voltage Range Volts 200-454
Nominal Output Voltage Volts 14
Output Current Amps 72
Max Output Current Amps 88
Efficiency % >=94
Environmental Enclosure   IP67
Operating Temperature Deg. C -40 to 65
Output Voltage Range Volts 8.0 - 15
Enable Voltage Volts 6 - 30
Overheat Protection   Decrease power when interior temperature arrive at 85 centigrade, shut off
when temperature arrive at 90 centigrade, auto self-recovery when
temperature decrease
Short Circuit Protection   Yes, self-recovery
Under Voltage Protection   Yes, self-recovery
Dimensions Length inches 11
Dimensions Width inches 6.2
Dimensions Height inches

Included Components

  • TDC-IY-320-12 DCDC Converter
  • High Voltage input harness with 48" wire
  • Enable input connector with wire
  • Shield for +12v Output