Domino Twist Throttle

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Domino Twist Throttle has 0-5K output and a microswitch. Includes matching grip and multipin connector.

    Units Domino Twist Throttle
Potentiometer Output Ohms 5k ± 10%
Nominal Voltage Volts 12
Max Operating Voltage Volts 40
Power Rating Watts 0,25
Operating Temperature Deg C -20° to +85°
Protection Degree   IP 54
Lifetime cycles Cycles 500,000
Linearity % ± 2%
Wiring Information
Low Voltage Wire Color White
Wiper Wire Color Color Black
High Voltage Wire Color Blue
Microswitch, Normally Open Color Green (x2)
Microswitch Characteristics
Nominal Voltage Volts 24
Nominal Amperage Amps 2
Lifetime with resistive load of 2 W at 24 V Cycles 500,000
Operating Temperature Deg C -20°/+85°

Complete Accelerator Control Characteristics:

  • Operating Temperature: -20/+60°
  • Protection Degree: IP 30
  • Operation: 300,000 Cycles

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