Dilithium Design EV Display for MCU


For use with the Dilithium Design Master Control Unit (MCU)

The Dilithium EV Display is extremely handy for showing pack voltage, current and kW, average cell voltage and variation, state of charge, and battery temperature. We use this display for our own EVs here at ThunderStruck, and love it. 

A Hall Sensor provides realtime current and state of charge (coulomb counting). Available sensors include options for current up to 1000 Amps. See the Current Sensor page for details and availability.

Analog gauges can be set up with the MCU to show state of charge and other system information (see the "Manuals & Downloads" tab for more information). 

Actual display area is 2.55" tall by 1.91" wide, plus the black bezel for a total size of 3.89" x 2.86". The bezel is glass, with 2-sided tape on the back for permanent panel attachment. The display has an exposed circuit board in the rear, and should be enclosed if exposed to moisture or dirt.

Included Components

  • Dilithium Designs Touch Screen Display 
  • Low voltage Wiring and connector
  • 2 sided tape behind bezel for installation (semi-permanent)

Included with current sensor option

  • Sensor for selected current range
  • Sensor connector and pins
  • 10' sensor cable

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