DALA DS13C Handheld Programmer

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This is a handheld programmer for Dala and Curtis motor controllers. 

The Dala DS13C is a programming and diagnostic tool which works with Dala controllers and many Curtis controllers. Parameter files can be saved and transferred to another controller for cloning, or saved onto a PC or SD card.  The DS13C performs programming and troubleshooting tasks for vehicles using Dala and Curtis motor controllers or control systems.

OEM level programming is available on the Curtis 12xx series controllers. Curtis F series controller programming is not currently supported. 

Cables for Serial (UART), Canbus, and USB C connections are included with the kit. An adapter cable for Curtis 12xx controllers sold by ThunderStruck is also provided.

*Please note that the Dala handheld programmer has a 4 pin molex connector used for connecting to your wiring harness. If your harness has a different connector for the programming port, an adapter will need to be made.*

Included Components

  • Dala DS13C Programmer
  • Serial Cable to 4-pin Molex
  • Canbus Cable to 4-pin Molex
  • 4-pin to 8-pin molex adapter for Curtis 12xx Series controllers sold by ThunderStruck
  • USB C to USB C cable for computer connection
  • Protective Case