Grin Cycle Analyst Display V3.1

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The V3 Cycle Analyst is not like a typical ebike display interface that communicates with one particular model of motor controller. Instead the CA3 is designed as a more universal display and control unit. To achieve this universality, it reads existing signals already present in most EV drives to sense the power and speed of the vehicle, and then it regulates the motor power through a common throttle signal.

There is an Optional Shunt for reading battery current.

Get instant readout of speed, Amps, Watts, voltage and more. The new model has a variety of new feaures including Data Logging: Devices have a serial output stream that can be used for real-time recording the vehicle statistics to a computer or laptop (see manual).



Voltage Range: 10-150V, but derated by accessory current draw. With common torque sensors on PAS plug, 60V max
Current Range: + - 240 mV/Rshunt. So for instance, with a 2mOhm sense resistor, the maximum current is 120 amps. With a 0.5 mOhm sense resistor, up to 480 amps, and so forth
Current Resolution: 0.01 A in low range mode, 0.1A in high range mode
Current Accuracy: Temperature coefficient and accuracy depend on the shunt and calibration. With the pre-calibrated Stand-Alone model, it is within 2% +- 0.04A.


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