Curtis/ IPM System

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This system uses a Curtis controller and the brushless IPM Motenergy 1507/1616 motor for higher power vehicle systems. The Curtis provides excellent throttle response, forward and reverse drive, and regenerative Breaking. Up to 5400 RPM depending on actual voltage. Please specify system voltage or your system will ship programmed for a 96v nominal battery pack. 

 Controller Model Volts Nominal  Max Current Continuous Current (60 min) Max RPM
1238SE-7971  72-96 Volts  900 Amps  300 Amps  5400 RPM
1236SE-5671  48-80 Volts  600 Amps  260 Amps  5000 RPM


Curtis controller programmers are available for OEMS or for rental only.

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I have purchased two of these systems through ThunderStruckEV. Couldn't be happier with the ease of setup and quality of parts & wire harness. The customer service and support is second to none. Thank you!
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