Curtis ET-126 (Hall)

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The ET 126 is Hall sensor type throttle perfect for boats or other lever throttle applications. It moves forward and reverse with spring return. The ET series throttles can be used as a remote electric throttle control or integrated with your exsiting throttle cable and control handle.

Options include Throttle Actuator (for cable connection) or Knob (hand operation). Mating connector optional when not purchased with a kit.

    Units Curtis ET-126 (Hall)
Operating voltage Volts DC 13 – 58 (tested down to 10 Volts)
Throttle output range Volts DC 0 to 5
Maximum throttle output Volts DC 5.3
Minimum throttle output Volts DC 0
Maximum deadband at zero throttle Degrees 10
Maximum deadband at full throttle Degrees 10
Forward/Reverse current Amps 1.5 Max
Throttle Response Direction   Symmetrical throttle response in both directions
Wiring Information
Pot Low Pin Number 1
Battery Positive after KSI Pin Number 2
Reverse Pin Number 3
Forward Pin Number 4
No Connect Pin Number 5
No Connect Pin Number 6
Battery Minus Pin Number 7
0 - 5 V Output Pin Number 8
No Connect Pin Number 9

Included Components

  • ET Throttle Body
  • Select optional mating connector if desired

Note - optional connector comes with motor kits including this throttle.