Chargers & Accessories

Thunderstruck Motors provides canbus controlled chargers for 24v to 312v nominal battery packs. The EVCC and MCU charge controllers from our partner Dilithium Design are compatible with all the canbus chargers listed in this section.

Charge controllers, chargers and accessories are listed below. See individual charger pages to determine if the charger is controlled via canbus.

These are 12 Volt Systems powered by a 12 Volt supply. Do Not connect these components to motor controller key switch circuits. Key switch circuits may provide full pack voltage, which would destroy the charge controller. Check voltage before connecting.

Charger Circuit Isolation: All TSM, TC-HK, and Lear chargers provide high impedance isolation between AC input and DC output, and between DC output and case ground. AC ground is connected to the case for protection from power source ground faults.