Calb L160F100B (100ah)

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Brand new LiFePO4 prismatic cells from calb offer high energy density for 3000+ cycles in optimal working conditions! All CALB cells come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. 

  • Qualified for RoHS and CCC with high safety
  • Anti-explosion safety valve
  • Aluminium shell for better cooling
  • Ceramic membrane used to enhance safety
  • High charge/discharge rates
  • Expected to operate for more than 3,000 cycles in optimal working
  Units Calb L160F100B
Battery Type (Chemical Composition)   Lithium Iron Phosphate
Nominal Capacity Ah at 1C 100
Nominal Voltage Volts 3.2
Dimensions: L x W × H in 6.29 x 1.96 x 4.66
Dimensions: L x W × H mm 160 x 49.9 x 118.5
Maximum Charging Current Allowed C 1
Charging Voltage limit Volts 3.65
Maximum Constant Discharging Current C 1
Discharging Voltage Limit Volts 2.5
Charging Operating Temperature Deg. C 0 - 55
Discharging Operating Temperature Deg. C -30 - 55
Weght lbs 4.268
Cycle life (@1C 80% SOH, @25 deg C) 3000
Shell Material   Aluminum Alloy