Battery Management Systems

High performance battery packs are typically constructed using lithium ion cell chemistries. These packs require continuous monitoring to ensure that voltages and temperatures are maintained within required limits. BMS products from our partner Dilithium Design provide these features and more.

The Dilithium Design Master Control Unit (MCU) includes BMS, charger, and display controllers all integrated in one unit. It connects to BMS Satellites for cell measurement, facilitating a flexible distributed pack solution. The MCU has dual canbus networks for charger and accessory control, and handles satellites for packs with up to 288 cells. Click on the link below to see all the features of this powerful device.

The Dilithium Design BMS Controller (BMSC) contains an internal measurement board for up to 24 cells. It can control up to 3 external satellites for a total of 96 cells. It has a single canbus network and can work with the Dilithium Design EVCC for full featured charge control. The BMSC can also be configured as a simple canbus charge controller for a single TSM2500 charger.

These are 12 Volt Systems powered by a 12 Volt supply. Do Not connect these components to motor controller key switch circuits. Key switch circuits may provide full pack voltage, which would destroy the BMS. Check voltage before connecting.

Contact Thunderstruck if you have questions about how to integrate these products into your project.