BMS Thermistor Kit

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This kit provides five thermistors and one connecting harness used with Thunderstruck's Dilithium BMSC/MCU and satellites for external temperature monitoring (e.g. batteries). End-of-charge can be triggered when temperatures exceed a programmable threshold.

Each BMS Controller (BMSC) or Satellite (BMSS) can receive inputs from two thermistor kits. Works with the MCU via any connected satellites. Each harness is approximately 122 cm long, and thermistor leads are about 5 cm long. Thermistors are similar to those found in Tesla Model S and Chrysler Pacifica modules.

Thermistor leads can be cut to length, but should not be cut while connected to the BMS.

Thermistor description: 1% 10K NTC, with a B value of 3435K

Kit price includes five thermistors and a thermister harness (harnesses can be purchased alone if desired).