BMS Harness Tester

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After connecting BMS harnesses to the battery pack, testing is an essential next step before connecting the harnesses to the BMS measurement inputs. These circuit boards are connected to the BMS harness, and the voltage of each cell is verified using a voltmeter. The voltmeter probes can be taped to prevent crossing probes during tests. See the video and manuals (below) for more test information.

Two test board options are available depending on the BMS measurement boards selected. A 12-Cell measurement board is used with the BMSC, and either a 12-Cell or 18-Cell measurement board is used with the MCU.

Note that when purchasing the BMSC, a 12-Cell measurement board is included in the kit. A test board is NOT included with the MCU, because it can be configured for several cell measurement options including satellites with 12-Cell and 18-Cell measure boards.