AC-9 Systems

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*AC drive systems from HPEVS are built per order, drop ship directly from the manufacturer, and have a 12-14 week lead time*

This kit features a Curtis Controller and HPEVS motor for 48 Volts between 350 and 600 amps. This kit works very well for industrial applications, tractors, go-carts, racing karts, and motorcycles. 


AC-9/12/15 Mechanical Drawing

AC Kits Quick Start

HPEVS manual

** Always reference your software version and voltage when choosing the correct wiring diagram **

  • Curtis AC Controller
  • HPEVS AC9 6.7" x 11"  NEMA C Face, 7/8" shaft
  • Tyco LEV200 Main Contactor 
  • Curtis Spyglass Model 840 Display  (dispays: Amps, Voltage, RPM, Controller/Motor Temp)
  • Wiring Harness and Diagram