12-35KW: AC-34

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This kit features a Curtis 1236SE-5621, Curtis's largest 48 Volt controller, capable of operating at 48 Volts drawing up to 600 Amps producing 15 HP continuous and 32 HP peak. This kit is ideal for boats, industrial vehicles, and NEVs. More powerful higher voltage systems or liquid cooled systems are also available.

Kit includes:

  • Curtis 1236SE-5621 AC Controller
  • HPEVS AC35 9" x 12.8"  NEMA C Face, 1.125" shaft
  • Curtis Spyglass Model 840 Display  (dispays: Amps, Voltage, RPM, Controller/Motor Temp)
  • Tyco 48 Volt Contactor
  • Throttle Options Here
  • Bench Tested
  • Wiring Harness and instructions