AC-34 and AC-35 Systems


*The HPEVS AC motor kits are no longer for sale. HPEVS is no longer producing kits for the conversion space. This page is for reference only*

These kits feature a Curtis controller, operating between 48 and 144v depending on controller. This best-selling kit is ideal for boats, cars industrial vehicles, and NEVs. The main difference between the 34 and 35 motor type is the rpm. Motor weight is 83 pounds.

Still need more power? See the AC-35x2 Dual Systems page.


AC-35 Mechanical Drawing

AC Kits Quick Start

Wiring Diagram 513 software

Wiring Diagram 144v systems

HPEVS manual

** Always reference your software version and voltage when choosing the correct wiring diagram **

  • Curtis AC Controller
  • HPEVS AC35 9" x 12.8"  NEMA B or C Face, 1.125" shaft
  • Curtis Spyglass Model 840 Display (dispays: Amps, Voltage, RPM, Controller/Motor Temp)
  • Wiring Harness and Wiring instructions
  • Tyco LEV200 Main Contactor
  • Inertia Switch