12KW Liquid Cooled Sailboat Kit 48v - Curtis F6

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** Please expect a lead time of two weeks for this kit ** 

Eliminate noxious diesel fumes and the cost of filling up at the pump with this electric conversion Kit. Enjoy your sailboat to the fullest, with an electric option providing 12kW continuous output at 48 Volts. 

Customers have used this kit in boats with up to 15K pound displacement. The system has a liquid cooled motor, which requires either the existing heat exchanger our radiator, fan and pump - you supply the hose. Do not run saltwater through the motor. 

All our systems have reverse on-the-fly and contactor disable features. "Brushless" means that the motor does not have brushes that will wear out over time, nor will it be a dangerous source of ignition for on-board gas appliances. In the U.S. and Canada, brushed motors are only legal for marine use if onboard appliances and accessories use kerosene or diesel (not propane or gasoline) due to the potential for internal motor arcing.

With the Curtis controller, no reversing contactors are needed. Additionally, Regen is enabled than can allow current to be put back into the batteries from the spinning prop while under sail. This does depend on your sailing speed, prop design, and may not be possible in all applications, but is an adored feature for those who are able to utilize it.

Due to the high RPM of the Motenergy Brushless motor, we recommend using the 12-24kW Gear Reduction rather than direct-drive to improve efficiency, provide proper torque, cooling, and help prevent cavitation. Typical reduction is around 2.67:1, but this ratio will depend on the required prop RPM needed to reach hull speed. Ideal reduction will enable the motor to spin your prop at the hull speed RPM of your prop when the motor is spinning at its max RPM. The 12KW kit comes programmed to spin at a max of 3300 RPM by default.

What batteries should you use? Most customers are happy with sealed, deep cycle lead acid, sourced locally to save on shipping. Use 4 in series to get 48v and 100 amp hour capacity minimum. 

Those of you that are still in the "research phase" of your conversion should visit one of the Electric Boats Discussion Groups and talk to others who are doing or have already done electric conversions.

* Please describe your battery pack so that we can program your motor controller to match - then you won't need to ship it back to us. Minimum battery information includes cell chemistry, amp hour rating, overall pack voltage, series cell count and arrangement.

* If you choose not to use a gear reduction, a thrust bearing in line with the prop shaft is required, since most motors are not rated for axial/thrust loads on the shaft. 

* Before you pull your old engine, support the prop shaft for reference so you can properly align the new system.

* A heatsink for the controller is recommended by the manufacturer.

Helpful links:

Check out our instructional wiring video!

See the CAN Translator page for a budget display option

Curtis Sailboat Kit Installation Instructions

Curtis Fault Codes

Curtis Wiring Diagram with ET throttle

Curtis Wiring Diagram with Wigwag throttle

Cooling Notes Curtis

E-Boat Modeling Spreadsheet (.xls) *Use this to calculate your power needs!*

E-Boat Modeling Spreadsheet Manual (.doc)

Vicprop Calculator

Included Components  (may vary based on kW rating and parts availability)

  • Motenergy ME1616 Liquid-Cooled Brushless Motor. Provide your own cooling circuit or use ours. 
  • Controller: Curtis F6 with regen 
  • Throttle options - additional cost (see the Throttle page for more info): 
  • Sealed Main Contactor
  • Key Switch
  • Curtis 3140 Display (Will show voltage, rpm, current, SOC, motor and controller temp, and fault codes)
  • Every kit is individually bench tested
  • Complete wire harness with 10ft key and throttle cable lengths
  • Wiring instructions
Excellent kit. It's all sorted out for you by Thunderstruck. The careful planning and component selection that has gone into this kit saved a lot of time and effort on my end. There is a bit of a learning curve but Thunderstruck is there to hold your hand along the way.

The ME1616 is excellent. If you want to have the capacity for sustained higher speeds (like 85-90% hull speed) you really need the cooling you have with this motor (You'll also need a lot of battery or a genset).

I would like the throttle to have a more significant detent for neutral. If you connect to it through a cable from a typical cockpit mounted lever the feel is a little vague. But the function of the throttle is excellent.

The CAN translator is well worth adding on to the kit. Having the data on my tablet is super useful. And you can log data in the Torque app.
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