10KW Brushless Sailboat Kit

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The 10KW Brushless Kit features a Motenergy brushless motor and a 48V 450 Amp Curtis AC-F4A Controller that can produce up to 10KW continuous, often used to replace 30hp combustion engines! This system is best for boats up to 12,000 pounds displacement.

All our systems have reverse on-the-fly and contactor disable features. "Brushless" means that the motor does not have brushes that will wear out over time, nor will it be a dangerous source of ignition for on-board gas appliances. Larger boats may require a higher power AC or brushless motor. In the U.S. and Canada, brushed motors are only legal for marine use if onboard appliances and accessories use kerosene or diesel (not propane or gasoline) due to the potential for internal motor arcing.

The controller has a regen feature than can allow current to be put back into the batteries from the spinning prop while under sail. This depends on your sailing speed, prop design, and may not be possible in all applications, but is an adored feature for those who are able to use it.

 We recommend a Gear Reduction due to the high RPM of the brushless motor.  The gear reduction will improve efficiency, provide proper torque, cooling, and help prevent cavitation. It also provides a mount for the electric motor.

The standard reduction for the 10KW kit is 2.67:1, but this ratio will depend on the required prop RPM needed to reach hull speed. Ideal reduction will enable the motor to spin your prop at the hull speed RPM of your prop when the motor is spinning at its max RPM. The 10KW kit comes programmed at 3,600 RPM max by default.

What batteries should you use? Most customers are happy with sealed, deep cycle lead acid, sourced locally to save on shipping. Use 4 in series to get 48v, with a 100 Amp Hour capacity minimum. Larger capacity will give a longer run time.

Those of you that are still in the "research phase" of your conversion should visit one of the Electric Boats Discussion Groups and talk to others who are doing or have already done electric conversions.

* Please describe your battery pack so that we can program your motor controller to match - then you won't need to ship it back to us. Minimum battery information includes cell chemistry, amp hour rating, overall pack voltage, series cell count and arrangement.

* If you choose not to use a gear reduction, which we do not advise, a thrust bearing in line with the prop shaft is required, since most motors are not rated for axial/thrust loads on the shaft. 

* Before you pull your old engine, support the prop shaft for reference so you can properly align the new system.


Helpful Links:

Check out our instructional wiring video!

Wiring Diagram for using the ET type throttle

Wiring Diagram for using the Wigwag type throttle

See the CAN Translator page for a budget display option

Curtis F Series Controller Troubleshooting and Fault Codes

E-Boat Modeling Spreadsheet (.xls) *Use this to calculate your power needs!*

E-Boat Modeling Spreadsheet Manual (.pdf)

Vicprop Calculator

Using our charger w/ Solar


Included Components  (may vary based on kW rating and parts availability)

  • Motenergy ME1115 Dual-Stator Brushless Motor.
  • Controller: 48V Curtis AC-F4A
  • Throttle options - additional cost (see the Throttle page for more info): 
    • ET-134/126 directional throttle - recommended if you plan to use an existing throttle lever. The ET Actuator (included) connects to your existing throttle cable. Optons: ET-134 has a Neutral Detent, ET-126 has a Spring Return. 
    • Wigwag throttle lever - recommended if not reusing your existing lever
    • PB-8 throttle and Fwd/Rev Switch
  • High-Quality Sealed Contactor
  • Key Switch
  • Finned Aluminum Heatsink
  • Every kit is individually bench tested
  • Complete wire harness with 10ft key and throttle cable lengths
  • Wiring instructions
We really love the electric motor [Ericson 32]
I have been happy with my 10KW Sailboat kit for a year of use now.
I think the system is great! So quiet, and not having to start an engine, just instantly turn the motor on when needed is awesome! [Catalina 30]
Excellent kit! I repowered my 1976 Endeavour 32 (max displacement 11000lbs) with a 10Kw sailboat kit and couldn't be happier. The original diesel was a Yanmar YSE, 12HP, that would barely push us at 4.5kts. Yesterday, first day in the water, we motored at 3.3kts/1400RPM/12Amps, 5.2kts/2048RPM/40Amps. I have 4, 8D AGM batteries for a total of 350Ah, even at 50% depletion I can motor for just over 4 hrs@5kts, we had about 50% amps while motorsailing. Gen 4 controller with the sevcon flat screen shows all the important data. No smell, no noise, no vibrations! Installation was just as fast as advertized! Great customer service, always available to answer questions! Thanks!
Just brought the boat over to it's mooring in a 12 knot wind. FANTASTIC!!!
Thanks for all your help.
Loved the system last summer. Almost instant on, without having to warm up an engine, and much more reliable than the old Atomic 4 ICE.
The system was a dream to use compared to the clunky old diesel. I’m very happy with the new electric drive.
Had it in my boat for two seasons now without a glitch.
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