Product Manuals & Data Sheets

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VW Adapter Plate

Installation Guide


AC Drive System Kits

AC-15 Dimensions

AC-20 Dimensions

AC-31/AC-35 Dimensions

AC-35X2 Dimensions

AC-50 Dimensions

AC Kits Quicky Start Sheet

Generic Car Wiring Diagram 530

Generic Car Wiring (Old)

Generic Motorcycle Wiring Diagram (Old)

144 Volt Wiring Diagram

Programming and Diagnosing

Opto Isolator Manual

Oil Cooling Instructions



Lithium Assembly and Care

Leaf Module Assembly and Care

CALB series LiFePO4 - Specifications

Hi-Power Series Product Manual

ThunderSky Series Manual


Battery Management System

Dilithium BMS v2.0

Dilithium Quick-Start Guide

MiniBMS User Manual

TS BMS-X Ver. 4

TS BMS-X Ver. 5



Charging in Series Tips 

Cycle Satiator Manual

EL-PFC Charging Algorithms - (Lead 100)

EL-PFC Charging Algorithms - (Lead 200)

EL-PFC Charging Algorithms - (Lithium 500)

EL-PFC 1500 Manual

EL-PFC 2000+ Manual

EL-PFC 3000 Manual

EL-PFC 4000 Manual

EL-PFC 5000 Manual

EMC-1000 Manual

EVCC Manual version2.0

EVCC Manual version2.1

EVCC Manual version 2.3.2

Evcc Manual version 2.4

EVCC Quick Start Guide

EVCC Quick Start Guide 2.4

EVCC Driver Install Guide

Lear Quick-Start Guide

TSM2500 Only Manual (PFC-II)

TSM1500 Only Manual

Soneil 1206s Manual

Soneil 2404s Manual

Soneil 3602s Manual

Soneil 4808s Manual

Vicor FlatPac Data Sheet

Zivan NG1 Manual

Zivan NG3 Manual

Zivan NG5 Manual



Ampseal Connector Technical Sheet

Anderson SB50 Data Sheet

Anderson SB175 Data Sheet

Anderson SB50-175 Assembly Instructions

Anderson PowerPole Data Sheet

Anderson PowerPole Assembly Instructions

Sevcon DC-DC Connector Drawings


Tyco LEV200 Series Data Sheet

White-Rodgers Type 124 Guide

White-Rodgers Type 586 Guide



Alltrax Mini-Manual

Alltrax AXE 4834/4844 & DCX 300 Dimensions

Alltrax SPM Manual

Alltrax SR Manual

Alltrax SR Basic Wiring

Curtis 1253 Manual

Curtis1231/1221 Manual

Curtis 1234/1236/1238 Manual

Curtis OS30 Manual

Curtis 1236/1238 Brochure

Curtis 1239E Brochure

Sevcon PowerpaK SEM & MicropaK SEM

Sevcon MillipaK 4Q Manual

Sevcon Millipak 4Q Wiring

Sevcon MillipaK SBPM Manual

Sevcon Gen4 G4827/G4845/G4865 Data Sheets

Sevcon Gen4 G4827/G4845/G4865 Product Manual

Gen4 Simplified Wiring Video Link

VCU for UQM Motors Manual

Zilla 1K Spec Sheet

Zilla 2K Spec Sheet


DC-DC Converters

IpDCIS-9612 Manual

Curtis 1420 Data Sheet


DC PM, Series, and SepEx Motors

D&D ES-10-33 Dimensions

D&D ES-32A-50 Dimensions

D&D Sepex @ 48V Performance Curve

D&D Sepex @ 72V Performance Curve

ET-M  ME909 Dimensions

ET-M  ME909 Power Curve

ET-R  ME708 Dimensions

ET-R  ME708 Power Curve

ET-RM  ME1004 Dimensions

ET-RM  ME1004 Power Curve

ET-RT  ME709 Power Curve

ET-S  ME1003 Dimensions

ET-S  ME1003 Power Curve

Motenergy Motor Characterization Data

Motenergy (Brushed) Motor Timing Adjustment

ME0907 Drawings

ME1305 Drawing (0907 replacement)

ME1305 Power Chart at 36v

ME1306 Drawing (0913 replacement)

ME0913 Drawings

ME0913 Power Chart at 48v

ME1002 Data Sheet

ME1002 Drawings

ME1117 Drawing

ME1115 Drawing

ME1616 Drawing

ME1616 Power Chart

Impulse 9 Brochure

Perm 132 - Specs

Perm 132 - Power Curve

Perm 132 - Brush Changing Manual

TransWarP 9 Brochure

TransWarP 11 Brochure

WarP 9 Brochure

WarP 11 Brochure

WarP 13 Brochure

Sailboat Kits

Advanced Marine Electric Propulsion Manual

E-Boat Modeling Spreadsheet (.xls)

E-Boat Modeling Spreadsheet Manual (.doc)

Gen4 0907 Wiring Diagram - for PB-8 Throttle

Gen4 5KW Wiring w/ ME1305 for Curtis Throttle

Gen4 5Kw Wiring w/ ME1305- for PB-8

Gen4 0913 Wiring Diagram - for TSM Control Box

Gen4 1306 Wiring Diagram - for PB-8

Gen4 1306 Wiring Diagram - for Curtis Throttle Option

Gen4 for ME1115 Motor and PB-8 Throttle

Gen4 for ME1115 Motor and Curtis Throttle

Gen4 for ME1117 and Curtis Throttle 

Sailboat Kit Installation Instructions

Basic Troubleshooting

Thunderstruck Gear Reduction manual

Wiring Video Youtube Link

Vicprop Calculator

Kart/Motorcycle Kit Tips



Cycle Analyst Large Screen Manual v2.23

Cycle Analyst Manual v2.0

Clearview Display Flyer

Clearview Display Manual

Clearview Quick Start

Clearview: Swapping Fwd/Rev

JLD404 Manual

 Engage Data Sheet

EnGage Manual

Large Vehicles

Speedster/Porsche 356A Performance Comparison

Speedster Dyno Results



Curtis 1311 Programmer Data Sheet

Curtis 1311 Programmer Manual

Curtis 1313 Prorammer Data Sheet

Curtis 1313 Programmer Manual

Curtis 1314 Programmer Data Sheet

Curtis AC Programming through Spyglass

Sevcon Gen4 Handheld Calibrator Manual

Sevcon PC-PaK User Manual (pre-Gen4)

Sevcon Gen4 PC-Based Tutorial (older)

Sevcon Gen4 PC Programmer Customer Manual

Sevcon Gen4 Programmer Wiring



Curtis ET-126 Manual

Throttle Plate Installation

Prius Pedal