Motorcycle & Kart Kits

Motorcycle and Kart Kits


We've arranged some of our best selling components into kit form to make your project planning easier. If you want to substitute parts, just ask and we can let you know about compatibility and cost difference. Kart and motorcycle chassis not included.

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Bare bones kit is still powerful enough to give you chills. Programmable Alltrax controller is the easiest to wire and can easily be de-tuned for...

$1,450.00 $1,400.00
This kit can put out the most power per dollar of all the options out there. We've used these components to power medium sized motorcycles to highway...
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We've used higher voltage AC drive systems to set records and win races on both motorcycles and karts. Various power output kits are available; feel free to...
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Use this kit when you need forward, reverse and regen. Includes a small but powerful 48V brushed motor. Yes! You can use this on a smaller motorcycle as...