We know installation of an AC or sailboat kit can be a daunting task. For those of you that purchase an EV kit for it's function, and not just for the "DIY-fun-of-it", we've listed the contact information of  trusted professionals that are familiar with our kits and would be happy to perform the installation for you.

This is a growing list, as we are always making new contacts and meeting new friends. If you don't see someone in your area, feel free to give us a call at (707) 578-7973, we may be able to partner you up with a fellow EV enthusiast near you.

Are you a fellow EV enthusiast with at least 3 years of experience performing installations, a passion for promoting EVs as a mode of transport, and the desire to assist people with their installation needs in your area?  Get in touch with us via email if you'd like to be included in our list of trusted installers.

West Coast

  • Northern California
      ThunderStruck Motors
      Land and Marine
      Santa Rosa, CA - 75 mile radius
  • Southern California
      Land and Marine
      1790-105 La Costa Meadows
      San Marcos, CA - On Site
      (888) 591-5830

East Coast

  • Connecticut- New London
      Derek Rupe 860-689-5909


  • Detroit Metropolitan Area
          Wriska Marine Services
          (586) 778-7850



  • Vancouver
      Greg Murray
      Land and Marine
      (604) 630-8790


  • The Netherlands
      Anne Kloppenborg
      New Electric
      Cruquiusweg 78-B
      1019AJ Amsterdam
      The Netherlands
      +31(0)624 520 844
  • New Zealand
      Allan Miller
      Auckland, NZ - All of NZ
      +64 21 487 982
  • Australia
      Gary Flowmenhoft
      Brisbane. Marine install.